Setting/Sub-genre: Dystopian/Apocalyptic

Significant Events Edit

  • While the major wars provided economic and technological booms, the dragging on of multiple smaller ones damaged the budgets and reputations of the Jinn and Faerie civilizations.
  • During the various warring periods, more and more spirits move to the spirit world to escape from the physical wars.
  • Deadly threats by Ghuls are artificial dragon breeds known as Jabberwocks that become stronger by absorbing/eating various forms of arcane magic; including bio-magical beings like the faye and spirit species.
  • Poor transferring of jabberwocks by Ghuls causes them to escape into wild and become an invasive species on most Kaf wildlife and attack all kinds of sentient beings using ordered spell craft or their supernatural/preternatural abilities, even ghuls themselves.
  • Some jabberwock follow spirits into their various home dimensions. They breeding quickly there, causing rampant damage to the spiritual energies and attack the local spirits.
  • Within a century, the jabberwock infestation causes a disturbance in the stability of many spirit realms. In order to prevent the jabberwock from destroying all of the spirit realms, angels sent by an unnamed god join forces with martial guardian spirits to slay the monstrous lifeforms.
  • During this time most spirits become less preoccupied with physical world including deities protecting their domains, as such prayers and the like go unanswered for longer periods of time.
  • Most divinities are able to eradicate the invasive species but the damage done to the majority of spirit realms is too large to recover them in time. Evacuation efforts are made to clear out all the spirits of these doomed worlds and most have no choice but to live in the ethereal layer of Kaf.
  • Only very few spiritual realms remain, the domains and homes of many spirits, including deities collapsed and are dissolved into the aether.
  • A desperation mission is made to stop the operation of a Ghul doomsday device powered by immortal deities and designed to eliminate an entire species of people at a time. The resulting struggle results in the apparent destruction of the entire Ghul species.
  • In the physical world of Kaf, global temperatures rise connected to the rapid increase in greenhouse gas emissions of coal plants. This causes the melting of polar regions, increasing the sea level and causing islands and shore lines to be underwater.
  • The dramatic increase in the ocean temperatures leads to the gradual extinction of various forms of sea life including aquatic faye and magical beasts.
  • The occurrence of natural disasters increase, including volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricane systems.
  • The raw mana turbulence makes its return with the destruction of the World Trees wreaking worldwide havoc.
  • Many species of faye like Elves, Dwarves, Centaurs, and Trolls die out or diminished to critically endangered numbers, the Faeries Courts dissolve as a result.
  • Previous grassy plains and cleared forests soon become barren deserts
  • With constant disasters killing off beings and making it resources harder to find, many towns and industrial plants previously occupied by various civilians were becoming more abandoned.
  • More and more had to live off what they could find from the fallout of the wars or become bandits who stole from others to get what they need.
  • Depletion of resources and technology lead to many people's dying off and those that survived reduced to subsistence living.