Ectoplasm, ektos meaning “outside” and plasma meaning “something formed or molded”

An extra-planar and variable-state form of matter-energy coming from planes beyond the physical. Its form can range from raw seething energy, a misty vapor, a viscous gelatin, a bundle of fine threads, a living membrane or a fine, fabric-like tissue, that can also be solidified and used for material purposes.

Various States Edit


Wispy ectoplasm is the most common type on the ethereal plane as most spirits are natural made of this type. When it manifests on the physical plane, it can only be seen or heard not touched. It is typically white, blue, or a transparent color.


This type occurs when ectoplasm is charged with sufficient psychokinetic energy. Gel ectoplasm comes in many varieties with unique properties.

Spirits using gel ectoplasm will always leave ectoplasmic residue, some visible with the naked eye, but most only with special equipment.

Ectoplasmic Residue occurs when a spirit passes from the ethereal plane into our physical plane. The ectoplasm is the means by which the spirit can affect physical objects and force its will into physical reality. Fortunately this substance in its basic form isn't harmful, but merely stomach-turning and messy. I'm still studying the causative relationship between this slimy substance and the spirit that carries it with them, whether the plasm is a side effect of the inter-dimensional penetration or if the spirit manifests it intentionally.


This is a rarer form of ectoplasm made when spirits secrete measured quantities of it for specific purposes. Charged ectoplasmic residue is quickly de-ionzed forming a harder, discolored material. The material they create is usually much more resilient than standard plasmic matter, though it may retain the sticky quality.

So if you're not flesh and blood, what exactly are you. 
Well, I'm not sure how familiar this will be to but djinn like me have always been said to be made of smokeless fire. 
Don't worry I won't burn you though, that's a classical age term for what they call the substance I'm made out of. 
So spirits are made of ectoplasm, which usually beings from the material plane like you can't see. Djinn like me however, are made of charged ectoplasm which in the material world becomes plasma, not too different from what your magic makes.

Strains of Ectoplasm Edit

"Mood slime", in shorthand, is a form of ectoplasm whose polarity is relevant to the mood of the environment it is located in. It is first encountered during the incident. Positively charged slime has become a standard weapon in the paranormal exterminator arsenal. Generally either green or purple in hue. 

"Mutagenic Arcane ectoplasm" is a form of ectoplasm which is not only caustic but can also cause immediate genetic mutations to exposed living beings. It was developed by Ghul research involving the manipulation of various strains of plasm and aether.