Analogous Era: Antiquity (Ancient Egypt, Fertile Crescent/Sumer, Indus Valley, China, Olmec)  Subgenre/Setting: Sandal Punk (circa Bronze Age) Tech: Power: water wheels for mechanical energy, wind pumping for water pumping and drainage, wood, some coal Transportation: Walking, dugout canoes, wheeled carts, sailboats Medicine: herbalism, poultice, bandaging, meditation, surgery, splints and traction Cooking: cooking pots, fermentation, boiling Food storage: smoking, salting, open fire, rotisserie Communication: Sonferious Ether, paper writing, oracles Weaponry: axes, clubs, slingshots, bow and stone/bone arrow, daggers, short swords

Significant Events Edit

  • One tree begins to absorb large amounts of residual mana fallout in the west, greatly expanding in size over the years
  • Mana storms durations and intensity decrease worldwide.
  • Continuing improvements led to the furnace and bellows and provided the ability to smelt and forge native metals.
  • Tribes of Djinn explore and settle in lands, just beyond Jinnistan including the forests, the mountains to the west and the coastlines to the east.
  • The Djinn who discover lifeforms that are also composed of etheric matter that make up jinn, yet native to the new lands. These other spirits are distinguished from jinn kind, who are descendants of the spirits from the old world (Earth).
  • Native spirit clans elect influential chiefs as spiritual leaders of communities.
  • Corporeal sentient creatures known as Faye rise from various sources, Sylvans from forest creatures, Mountain Faerie from mountain creatures, Lilliputs and Nymphs sprout from places touched by multiple spirits.
  • Sylvans and roam in forests of the south, Mountain faerie live in various caves, Lilliputs settled in the woodlands and tall grass plains, nymphs in various forests and waterways.
  • Offspring of certain animals became attuned to residual environmental mana, resulting in mega-fauna like dragons.
  • A few foxes have their mental facilities augmented by high levels of residual magic settle in the woodlands and mountains of the northwest. With their new longevity, they find the knowledge to become the first magical beasts
  • Most faye remain in small bands or tribes to forage and hunt. A few populous societies like that of various High elves, Wood elves or Gnomes form chiefdoms to maintain social order in larger populations
  • Many Faye went to spirit creature philosophers for spiritual, emotional, ethical, and practical knowledge.
  • Elven philosophers correctly believed that both mother and father contribute biological material toward the creation of offspring, but mistakenly convinced people that a child is the product of his or her parents' commingled blood for physical beings (and spirit energy for spirits), thus forming the concept of bloodlines
  • Scraps of abandoned Djinn objects like wheels and canoe boats are taken up by various faerie for use


  • Prominent spirits become tuned towards the nature of Kaf including, Dryads, Kami, Elementals, and Deities.
  • Deities create an ethereal spirit world as their home and as a result, the underworld is created and becomes a place that houses the Anima and also spirits of the deceased.
  • Spatial rifts alter the fabric of space-time inevitably cause hominids from Earth like Homo erectus and heidelbergensis to become stranded in Kaf and vice-versa with some spirits and faerie transported to Earth.
  • Most hominids are forced to take shelter in the trees of various forests by hostile local mega-fauna and sentient faye tribes like Naga. A few are able to survive on a nymph inhabited coastline area. *These nature oriented spirits tend to the early humans as much as the other animals and plants.
  • The oldest known spa is a hot spring pool under the largest mountain of the time, heated by the planet. It prized by the Naga and thus extremely guarded by them, giving it the name: Naga's Lisan.
  • Lilliputs discover coal can be burnt for heating and cooking. Despite other species seeing coal as inferior fuel due to all the soot and smoke, the Lilliputs small size allow them to benefit from very little to keep warm as well as reduce the amount of trees they need.
  • Separate continental land masses begin to form due to continental drift.
  • Some Faye begin to worship nature itself and form sympathetic bonds with the state of the local living creatures.
  • Mountain faye like Dwarves and Gnomes begin to use electroplating pots to experiment with covering small things in metal.
  • Naturalistic journals are written by exploring djinn and faye about the various flora, fauna, and spirits.
  • Deity spirits improve their relationship with worldly spirits and faerie after the defeat of the monster Yamato no Orichi; Deities become revered as gods on Kaf as some go off to defeat more monsters.
  • The defeat of monsters by Deities inspire the creation of quests to defeat lethal beasts and expand to new territories.
  • High Elves split off from Wood Elves due to their shift from foraging to intensive agriculture and transition from tribes/chiefdom to states.
  • Dwarves soon follow the agricultural standard to main a surplus for their growing population. Brewing of beer and ale allows for a cleaner source of drinkable fluid that stagnant water.
  • A group of Deities known as the Devas, create the first prosperous civilization made by spirits other than djinn.