• Civil unrest begins within the Djinn culture: class and race riots erupt regarding the unequal treatment of the privileged Marid towards Ifrit and Silat races, weakening the species’ international influence.

  • Invasion from Ghul Jinn involved attacks from floating disc spacecraft causing damage to a ogre dwelling and elven city.

  • Both Seelie and Unseelie Courts declare war on invading Al-Ghul threat.

  • Attack spurs the rapid advancement of warfare related weaponry and offensive ordered spellcraft.

  • Early spacecraft invasions are met with far range gunpowder based weaponry such as cannons and immense siege engines.

  • Ghuls enhance their troops by having them possess armor crafted for rare minerals from space asteroids, or using various grades of chemical weaponry and refined ectoplasmic strains; ghuls use self-genetic alterations to create classes designed for combat or servitude.

  • Faye and spirits on Qarin are assigned to develop advanced weaponry to combat Ghul forces; they assign the Lunarians to be the workforce for new applied military science and research in exchange for providing necessities.

  • With the increasing focus on combat, Homins are largely ignored as expansion toward forests was slowed; wrecked ships and aircraft from Earth land in Kaf human territory.

  • Dragon populations decline greatly due to Faye settling into their habitats and being hunted due to fear and attacks on livestock; this causes animosity towards Slyvan faye who raise and respect wildlife.

  • Deities attempt to influence Kaphian societies by spreading worship of themselves by using their miraculous abilities against the Ghuls; Infighting begins between various pantheons due to multiple ‘’gods’’ drawing power from the same sources- multiple gods/goddesses of the sun, etc.

  • Weapons and textile industry (like bleaching clothes) required mass mining of sulfur and lead.

  • Steam engines were first developed to pump water out of flooding mines.

  • Steam engines used cheap coal to keep coal cheap & cheap coal created the opportunity for railroads and steel, which created a positive feedback loop; rails needed steel which was heavy so steel needed railroads.

  • Wages for soldiers and manufacturers were high & energy was cheap. The prices led to an industrial war-effort by giving firms incentive to invent technologies that substituted capital, coal, and firepower for labor.

  • Small village populations required firearms for militias and larger settlements put up drafts during the war times.

  • As the armies of Ghuls and Faerie Courts wage war, nearby territories raise up militias in an attempt to protect selves from invading forces and quartering soldiers.

  • Railroads opened up new avenues for transporting raw materials and weapons across vast differences.

  • In order to build railroads, the Courts were given permission in Djinn ruled lands and some of their soldiers to acquire recently claimed territories for expansion.

  • Increased need for food to fed armies=more land brought under cultivation limiting biomes like rain-forests.

  • Worldwide production consumed more resources & energy and overall sustainability from a destabilizing environment.

  • Later warring periods introduced dramatic progress in warfare technologies including those that ran on internal combustion, electricity, magic crystals, even nuclear fission and ectoplasm. Other breakthroughs such as germ theory, new schools of magic, organ transplants, and robotics are made during research and development efforts for the various conflicts. However the majority of discoveries are kept as military secrets, preventing most civilian and domestic applications of these breakthroughs from occurring.

  • Anthropogenic extinction of various species; mega-fauna and magical beasts due to over-hunting, converting various forests into farmland/grazing ranches, and introducing invasive species into new territories.

Various Periods of the Wars (Some of these may have stories that glimpse into them someday)

Extraterrestrial Honor Test/ Prank Wars Hypnotic Food infiltration Cattle Abductions Ghul fleet invasions Trench Warzones Court Wars Trans racial Slave Trade Start of Pantheon Infighting  Mystic crystal Cartel Anti-Jinn Riots (Djinn) First Civil Rights Movement Graffiti Platoons Abolitionist Movement Lycanthropy Plague Vampiric Spread Undead Rising Battleship Blockades Age of Piracy Underwater Warfare Air Raids & Aerial Piracy Nuclear Winter Cursed Zones Urban Sprawl and shoot outs Rise of Guerrilla Unit Counter Culture Movement Invasive Jabberwock Infestation Deicide Murders End of the Pantheon Age Doomsday Scare Fall of Lunar Civilizations Global Environmental Apocalypse Mass magical beast/megafauna Extinction