Kaf is the planet where Arcane Realm adventures and stories takes place. It’s natural satellite is its moon, Qarin.

Kaf is a lot like a parallel Earth, although it exists in another dimension with its own star, moon, and asteroid belt. In fact it is the lone planet of its own solar system. In addition, its moon is just over half the size of Kaf, making it seem larger in the night sky than Earth’s moon.

Kaf was created through the joint efforts of Jinn and Angels labor applied over two thousand years in earth time. Jinn then migrated to the planet from the Earth’s dimension not long after it was formed, but over the millennia, various mystical aliens evolved on the world, inspiring the creatures of myth and legend on Earth. A portal formed that linked the two worlds in the area known as the Bermuda Triangle, owing to the alternative name: the Bermuda Realm.

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