Appearance Edit

Kanya has a standard shape for a young homin woman, with a shapely thin waist and thick thighs. By some of her peers, her body shape is often compared to that of a pear.

She has an tawny complexion with a few freckles on her legs, shoulders and cheeks. Her dark brown hair is frizzy with tight wiry curls so she often leaves it out as an afro or combed into dreadlocks.

The hair on her tail is the same color but is straight and the typical length for a Homin. Her eyes are colored brown and they have the flat monolids characteristic to her jungle homin heritage.

Clothing Style

Born and raised in a hot humid environment, Kanya is comfortable without wearing any clothes and being nude is relatively common in her home village. However when it is appropriate for special occasions or large groups of people, she wears a popular two piece outfit introduced to the village by Si'lat Jinn culture.

This outfit is a beige, chest length cropped top with fitted sleeves matched with a large sash of the same color wrapped around her lower body like a loincloth. Both are adorned with a sky blue stripe and dark blue circles.

Her most casual wear is a simple pale yellow cloth tied to her waist like a short skirt and sometimes one tied around her chest as well.

Background Edit

Kanya was born in Erisija Village residing in the Zomia Tropics. She was born with a very light complexion which ostracized her from some of her peers around her early childhood as she had to stay in on very sunny days. As such, she was more inclined to hang out with the woodland faye at that point. The magic done by them encouraged her to practice her own magic and martial arts skills which later encouraged her to join her village's performance group.

Her later friendships with non-humans has led her to wonder what lies beyond her. She also wonders about the family with the Jiniri who came to her tribe and found the settlement that her family lives in. That is why when she heard that Suleiman, the jiniri's son was returning, she became interested in meeting him.

Personality Edit

Kanya is a determined woman open to finding new experiences. She likes to live in the moment and focuses on the here and now. She has a rebellious streak, as seen by her taking on a foreign nickname so that she could stand out. She is also very assertive when she is fed with those she knows like her younger sisters and brother.

Despite this, she is less sure of her self in a new situation or around new people. For example, she was interested in Suleiman when they first met but was nervous around him. 

However encouragement from her best friend was enough to make her passionately kiss him at the end of her first date.

Relationships Edit

Adriana- Wood Fairy friend that lives within the trunk of the tree that her family calls home. Unlike most fairy nymphs in the village who are druids, she is an Elementalist, proficient in the 4 classic elements along with the derivatives, lighting and nature. Fascinated by her magic, Kanya practiced her own people's magic and martial arts with her.

Suleiman- Just as Kanya is fascinated by the mystical, she was interested by Suleiman when she first met him. She was nervous around him at first but after writing a song about being with him, she was able to gain the confidence to kiss him.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Innate Abilities

  • Arboreal locomotion and expert tree climbing- As a Homin, she can swiftly climb up and through tree branches with her prehensile feet and tail. She can swing through the branches by her arms or leap from branch to branch.
  • Homin strength- Like the majority of homins, Roxelana can easily lift 4-6 times her own weight. Due to physical training in martial skill, her strength is double that of a typical homin woman.

Learned Skills

  • Domestic Chores

Because of her time spent indoors she has developed a lot skill with household chores like dusting, clothes washing, cooking, and caring for her younger siblings.

  • Martial Arts

In her teen years, she gained a fascination of her tribe's martial arts. She learned a homebrew version of her village's martial arts and raw sorcery by watching village festivals and practicing along with her faye friend's elemental magic. Her style focuses on surprise attacks from the trees and tripping up foes before landing critical blows.

  • Singing

She is an good hobbyist singer whose first song was a poem made for Suleiman.

  • Raw Sorcery

Her nymph friend's daily practice with her magic encouraged Roxie to practice using the homin variety of magic. Roxelana's style shapes the magical constructs into many simple but practical shapes. Her magic is also useful as concussive blasts of kinetic force.