Magical Beasts are animalistic creatures that make/use magic infused biomolecules meaning they have biomagical functions. They have the capacity to know at least one language, but can’t necessarily speak it. Magical Beasts usually have supernatural or preternatural abilities, but are sometimes merely bizarre in appearance or habits. A magical beast possesses the following traits (unless otherwise noted in a creature's entry).

Arcane Magic: Magical beasts are capable of having innate magic qualities unique to their kind called preternatural abilities. Those who are largely intelligent have the capability of learning ordered spell-craft.

Preternatural Abilities: Most magical beasts can metabolize and often generate magical forms of biological molecules and energy. This internal magic production allows for them to perform biological actions that may bend physical laws. Some are intentionally used, most others are passively ingrained into the species. Magical Beasts have to breathe, eat, excrete and sleep.

Regeneration: Most have the ability to quickly heal wounds and replace missing limbs from physical damage.

Henge Subtype Edit

Henge are magical beasts who descended from animals who found some of the secrets of spiritual enlightenment to ''elevate'' themselves. Their offspring start off as typical animals but accrue mystical energy with age, eventually unlocking intelligence and shape-shifting abilities if they live long enough. Henge have the following traits unless specified in their entry.

Shapeshifter: The ability to shapeshift is natural to most henge and thus also have the shape-changer subtype. A henge can shape-shift between three different forms: animal, biped, and human.

  • Animal/Henge: When in animal form, the henge is indistinguishable from natural animals of its kind as the form is genuine.  Conversations with normal animals are usually limited to a few simple phrases and concepts, depending on the sophistication of the animal. Henge in this form can also stand on their hind legs like a humanoid animal.  The henge can speak any language they knows (including sapient and animal languages), have any special senses of their animal. However, for species without dexterous limbs like thumbs, they have a very limited range of manipulating objects. Also due to this or the shape of their body, they may be physically restricted from casting certain spells, and wielding certain weapons or armor.
  • Incarnate: As an incarnate, the henge looks like a specific humanoid (Human, Homin, Fairy, Amazon, Elf, etc.). Like his animal form, the humanoid form is genuine and cannot be detected by spells that reveal illusions. Some henge instead of looking like a perfect member of a humanoid species, retain certain features of their animal features on their incarnate, which easily identifies them as a magical beast. For instance, a fox incarnate may choose to (or accidentally) retain her fox tail in her humanoid form. As an incarnate, the henge can cast spells, wear armor, and use weapons and equipment for humanoids However, they may lack most special animal senses (or appendages) and cannot speak to animals, although they still can understand their speech.
  • Spiritual Attunement- Henge are highly attuned and receptive to psychic/spiritual energy. As such they are more vulnerable to faith-based attacks (such as charms, wards, etc.) than to physical injuries and ailments.