Psychokinetic energy involves activity dealing with conscious mental energy directly affecting physical objects. It is similar to chi very specific to consciousness, will, emotion, memory, and other qualities equated with the mind.

"Psychokinesis" is an umbrella term that is used to describe a variety of psychic abilities involving mental force while telekinesis is used to refer specifically to the movement of physical objects and any associated abilities.

 psychokinesis is said to describe the following abilities:

*Biological healing.

*Control of magnetism.

*Control of photons (light).

*Creating an energy shield (force field).

*Influencing events (sports, gambling, election, prolongation of life, etc.).

*Phasing through matter.



*The creation of thoughtforms or tulpas (physical beings or objects created in the mind and projected into the physical world).

*Transmutation of objects.

Telekinesis Edit

Telekinesis is said to describe the following abilities:

*Cryokinesis (freezing objects and air molecules by slowing down atomic vibrations).

*Movement of objects (visible objects, life forms).

*Pyrokinesis (igniting objects and air molecules by speeding up atomic vibrations).

*Self levitation (flight).