Analogous Era: Neolithic Corresponding Genre: Stone/Desert Punk Majority Technology: Power- person/animal driven Transportation- walking, jinn flight Medicine- ointment, poultice, herbalism Cooking- open fire, smoking, roasting Communication- Jinn's natural telepathic field (Soniferous Ether) Weaponry- spears, slings, single target element spells

Significant Events Edit

  • Currently one continent with emerald mountains, planet is named Kaf and moon is named Qarin.
  • Pioneer Jinn bring various plants and animals with them to inhabit the barren land and provide food and aesthetics.
  • Jinn in the sand dunes areas without access to bio-fuels, made homes of adobe and used solar cookers comprising of polished obsidian
  • In addition, Jinn also bring stone tools like spears/axes/arrowheads/spears, pigments, domestication of animals and farming, pottery and ceramics, crafting papyrus paper.
  • Storms composed of unstable mana frequently ravage lands as a by-product of the Realm's creation.
  • Pioneer Jinn are forced to build shelters of rammed earth to escape passing storms.
  • Jinn discover creating corporeal bodies (vessels) provide some resistance to mana turbulence during foraging or herding.
  • Mana storms attracted large packets of spiritual energy called Anima from Earth which caused scattered ether-spatial rifts (basically magic portals) to form in various places.
  • Jinn bring along various faiths, including Jinn Islam, Zoroastrianism, and a few following Shaitanism/Iblis-ism
  • To escape the threat of mana storms and their fallout, a large tribe of Jinn escape to a rare comet during a shower of them in the night sky. Eventually they land on a large nearby dwarf planet and set up their own society, known from them on as Al-Ghul while those who remain on Kaf are the Djinn.
  • Social hierarchy within Jinn society are quickly broken down to everyone being equally response for keeping their group alive.
  • Wheels were brought by Jinn from Earth but due to their natural flight, they mostly stay as playthings and toys for children.
  • Canoe boats were also brought over as luxuries for jinn who found time to relax .


  • Spiritual anima energy pools into Kaf providing the primordial spark for new forms of spirit creatures
  • Settled land of jinn is named Jinnistan and step up as the first country, in the rain shadow desert near the mountains.
  • Jinn discover their corporeal bodies can copulate, experience the sensation of sexual pleasure, and produce multiple jinn offspring in a single birth.
  • Hot springs have been used for bathing by Jinn lucky enough to find groundwater.