Soniferious Ether is a pervasive field that contains universal knowledge and experience from members of the species. For ethereal beings, they serve as an inter-network that can be used for local communication similar to telepathy, and ultimately store long term sematic memory as collective memory of the species.

Records Edit

The Akashic records that make up the ether are the personal life file recordings of each individual being of their species. A species ether can record long term memories retained by others. It can store their semantic memories, which concerns facts taken independent of context. It can also store procedural memory, which guides the processes performed and created through repeating a complex activity over and over again until all of the relevant neural systems work together to automatically produce the activity. Unlike memories stored in minds, those in akashic records don't degrade with time but they can't store very personal memories like episodic, visual, or autobiographical memories or memories that weren't collected due to lack of attention. Attention plays a key role in storing information into long-term memory; without proper attention, the information might not be stored, making it impossible to be retrieved later.

Access Edit

An individual accessing their species specific ether will require a level of meditation to recall another's memory. For some, emotional events or even attempting to recall their own memories can cause them to accidently find a soniferious memory but most require conscious effort.

Species that have a collective ether

  • Djinn
  • Ghul
  • Elemental
  • Yukionna
  • Dryad