Due to the way the word is used in slightly different context, an easier way to think of the soul is 2 things: a physical soul, and a spiritual soul (redundant? A little.) This word basically refers to (1) people, (2) animals, or (3) the life that a person or an animal enjoys.

Physical soul is a person’s or animal’s body, such as the “saying my body is my temple” and that you are your mind and body. It’s why when your body/brain is affected by something (drugged) you change too, and when your body dies, you die.

Next is the spiritual soul or the life that someone enjoys. Basically it’s your essence=identity, which includes personality, consciousness, emotional capacity, memory, temperament, everything that makes you up besides your body. 

The belief is that man (woman) (animal) is a soul, rather than having a soul. While it’s not sure whether plants have a soul, they’re alive in the sense that they have spirit. Even spiritual creatures like Jinn, Kami, and Faerie have souls and spirit, although theirs is of a slightly different nature, allowing for the use of different magic types then humans.