Spirit refers to that which gives life to a body. Without spirit, the body is dead. Thus it refers to an invisible force (the spark of life) that animates all living creatures. The soul and the spirit are not the same. The body needs the spirit in much the same way a radio needs electricity—in order to function. To illustrate this further, think of a portable radio. When you put batteries in a portable radio and turn it on, the electricity stored in the batteries brings the radio to life, so to speak. Without batteries, however, the radio is dead. So is another kind of radio when it is unplugged from an electric outlet. Similarly, the spirit is the force that brings our body to life. Also, like electricity, the spirit has no feeling and cannot think. It is an impersonal force. But without that spirit, or life-force, our bodies “expire, and back to their dust they go.” When the spirit=life-force, leaves the body, the body dies and returns to where it came from—the earth.

Spirit is different from spirits like Jinn and Kami who can exist in a form similar to spirit energy.